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Small businesses are the backbone of all communities, and at NorthWestern Energy, we believe the economic stability that they provide to all of us is valuable to protect. Helping small businesses survive this pandemic is extremely important and together we can all help.

As a major employer in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska, we understand our responsibility to assist customers through difficult times. During the COVID-19 Pandemic NorthWestern Energy has provided more than $160,000 in the form of bill credits through a grant program. There were more requests than we could fund, and all program dollars have been allocated. While the program is no longer available, other resources at the local, state, and national level remain available, such as the Payroll Protection Program. For a more detailed list of resources, click here.
NorthWestern Energy Business Grant Program

Small Business Customers

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, our world has been negatively impacted in a variety of ways. Customer health is threatened, businesses have closed, jobs have been lost, and uncertainty is prevalent. As a major employer in the states we serve, NorthWestern Energy recognizes its obligation to be a good community partner and assist our customers through this difficult time.

Small business is the backbone of the economies of the communities NorthWestern Energy serves. Through shareholders dollars, the Company is providing resources in the form of $250 bill credits to a limited number of our locally-owned, stand-alone small business customers.

Grant recipients must be a NorthWestern customer that was impacted by the state and local closure directives related to COVID-19. They also must have contacted NorthWestern to discuss management of their utility bill.

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